Learn Share And Care – Blogs By Yogesh Agiwal: Storytelling

As the curtain opens you see a huge crowd sitting in the auditorium and you become extremely nervous. The nervousness does not go away and you forget the first few lines of the poem. Your teacher who has also helped you prepare, your parents and relatives who are sitting in the first row are all trying their best to motivate you to get started but more they encourage you to sing the more you become nervous. Finally you sheepishly dragging your feet move out of the stage and someone says “popat” which in marathi language slang means looser. Your brain tells you an internal story that you will be a looser for rest of your life. Let’s fast forward your life and you are 28 years, very successful in your career but whenever someone invites you to address a gathering or an event your internal story says “popat”. Now what happened when you were 8 on that republic day may not happen now but the internal storytelling is so powerful that it convinces you that you will continue to be a looser when you address a large gathering. So no matter how many storytelling sessions you attend you will not be able to demonstrate that skill until the internal storytelling is first mastered. While this story was a very deep long story of your life let me share a story that may happen in your day to day life. Imagine you are a disciplined employee who always sends the weekly report to your boss sharp at 11:00 AM Monday morning.
For the original version including any supplementary images or video, visit http://learnsharencare.blogspot.in/2013/10/storytelling.html?m=1


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